1. CHANG KANG-I SUN The Literary Voice of Widow Poets in the Ming and Qing
2. MA XIAOXI The Descendants of Mongolian general Matutaer in Jingshan, Henan Province
3. TOMMASO PREVIATO The Salars of Xunhua: a Muslim enclave in the heart of China
4. PENG HSIAO PING AND CHANG MING CHUNG The Foundations of China's Inward-oriented Policies from the Perspective of the Adam Smith's Political Economy
5. CRISTIANA TURINI The Naxi people in Ming China: the rule of the Mu tusi in Yunnan Province
6. ISAAC YUE The Gendered Discourse of the Chinese Courtesan in 'Du Shiniang Sinks her Jewel Box in Resentment'
7. ZHANG ANFU AND ALESSANDRA CAPPELLETTI Study on the Development of the Tuntian System in Northern Xinjiang during the Qing Dynasty
8. ZHANG ZHIYAN Emotion qing in Early Modern England and Late Imperial China, With a Focus on Emotion in Shakespeare's Plays and Ming-Qing Literature
9. ZHU QIUJUAN An Analysis of the Emotional Friendship Poems in Ming-Qing China

ALESSANDRA CAPPELLETTI Menggu Shanshui Ditu. "On the Silk Road from Jiayuguan to Mecca from a camelback perspective"

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Textual Analysis and Glossary of Liaozhai Zhiyi 3 and Zibuyu 1