1. BUSSOTTI MICHELA Chinese Printed Illustrations: Additional Notes on Materiality and on Material Authors of the Pipa ji and Xixiang ji Editions of the Ming Dinasty
2. CHAN YING KIT Historicizing Ming-Ryukyu Relations: The Politics of Scholarship
3. HSIUNG PING-CHEN From a Singing Bird to a Fighting Bug: Cricket-Fight and the Cultural Rhetorics in Late Imperial China
4. FATICA MICHELE and PIZZUTI MARIA LETIZIA Essay on Giuseppe Maria Kuo's Journal
5. PAOLILLO MAURIZIO Intellectual or Emotional Knowledge? Values and Meanings of the Chinese Garden in the Ming Period
6. SANTANGELO PAOLO Liaozhai zhiyi and Zibuyu, Two Precious Qing Sources on Mentality and Imagery
7. WU CUNCUN and STEVENSON MARK Karmic Retribution and Moral Didacticism in Erotic Fiction from the Late Ming and Early Qing
8. TONTINI ROBERTA Tianfang Dianli: A Chinese Perspective on Islamic Law and its Legal Reasoning
9. LEE CHEUK YIN Praising and Blame: Evaluating Appellations in Song-Ming Historical Writings
10. BISETTO BARBARA Emotions and Narrative: Depictions of Love in the Yuan Novella Jiao Hong ji and its Abridged Version in the Ming Anthology Qingshi leilue
11. ROSNER ERHARD Emotions in chengyu and other set phrases

1. PAOLO VILLANI Notes on Variolation in Japan. Shuto hitsujun ben, (Variolation Ensures Gentle Smallpox, 1795) by Ogata Shunsaku
2. MAURIZIO RIOTTO Korean Reaction to Matteo Ricci and Christianity: A Case of "Defensive Fundamentalism"?

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