Preface (Paolo Santangelo)

PART ONE: Translocal Dynamics in Late Imperial China
1. PETER DIMATSON, KHEE HEONG KOH AND CHANG WOEI ONG Translocal Dynamics in Late Imperial China: An Introductory Essay
2. YONGTAO DU The Lesson of Riches: Mercantile Culture and Locality in Late Ming Huizhou
3. PETER DIMATSON Local and Trans-local Activism in Commemorating the Martyrs of 1402
4. MIAW-FEN LU The Rediscovery of Zhang Zai in the Ming-Qing Transition
5. KOH KHEE HEONG The Hedong School: Regional and Translocal Intellectual Network
6. STEVAN B. MILES gStones from Other Hillsh: Civil Examinations and Translocal Practice in Ming and Qing South China
7. TIAN YUAN-TAN The Transmission of Sanqu Songs, Writersf Reputation, and Literati Network in the Mid Ming: Local and Trans-local Considerations

1. GIANNI CRIVELLER Jesuitsf Visual Culture Accommodated in China during the Last Decades of Ming Dynasty
2. PAOLO SANTANGELO The Shange, a rich historical source for late imperial China
3. MARIA PAOLA CULEDDU Shimazu Yukihisa and the four junshi in Sadowara. A loyalty case in Tokugawa Japan.

1. Anthony Yu, State and Religion in China: Historical and Textual Perspective. Chicago & LaSalle, IL: Open Court, 2005 (Paolo Santangelo)
2. Perry Link, ed., The Scholars Mind. Essays in Honor of Frederick W. Mote, Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2009 (Paolo Santangelo)
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